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The Doctor of Science - Edgar Mukhtarov established “Techcon” JSC as a research and production company in 1989. “Techcon” elaborated sequence of unique ecological pure technologies to obtain natural bioactive substances for cosmetic and pharmaceuticals production.

The main principals of “Techcon” stay unchangeable: “Do not synthesize bioactive substances which could be derived from natural source.”

Nowadays “Techcon” is one of the biggest producers of cosmetics and raw materials widely used by domestic and foreign companies.  “Techcon” is an honorary member of the Perfumery and Cosmetics Association of Russia. Heart of our company is a dynamically developing scientific and research center (Techcon-BIAS) where new technologies appear. “Techcon” cooperates actively with leading scientific centers and universities over the country to focus on newest research. Thanks to our experiences we started successful cosmetic venture in 1996. “Techcon-Cosmetic” Ltd uses updated elaborations in the formulations and own materials that distinguish our products by high efficacy at reasonable prices.

We modernize our production in 2004 by new manufacturing spaces and modern equipments.  “Techcon-Cosmetic” receives certificate of quality management system ISO 9001-2001 in September 2004.
We are proud of our cosmetic means.  



Techcon corporation was a winner in Intersharm.
The best cosmetic company Techcon.
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