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The core of the Techcon group is the Research Centre where highly skilled experts and talented and devoted scientists - Doctors and candidates of science - work. The Research Centre's scope of activity is constantly expanding. Extracting bioactive substances from natural sources is not sufficient, it is necessary to create a physicochemical system which would guarantee their maximum impact on a human organism. These are bioactive solutions, gels and a number of dispersed systems based on nanosphere and nanocapsule, polymer emulsions, nanocrystals and nanodispersion which are convenient for delivering poorly soluble, amphilic and lipophilic substances. On the basis of our developed technologies we launched industrial production of biological preparations, which are used by leading cosmetics enterprises. In 2003-2004 years the Centres laboratory "Biotechnologies" - together with the laboratory "Biophysical research" - completed last tests of the new-generation preparation BioCurator, which is based on the muscle tissue of birds. The preparation contains: anserine, carnosine, free amino acids, low-molecular peptides, lipids. The preparation is a unique natural bioregulator, capable of controlling the biochemical processes of metabolism in a human organism. Thanks to the "smart" control BioCurator does not interfere without reason with cellular metabolism, but on detection of derangements or abnormalities it eliminates faults and restores healthy metabolism. A result of such action is the preparation's multifunctionality. Research proved the importance of BioCurator in diagnostics and in neutralization of physiological derangements of the skin. Besides this the preparation offers efficient protection for skin against free radical attack, fortifies cellular immunity, preserves the intercellular balance of young skin. Right now we are studying a bioactive complex of sphingolipids of animal origin. Already, based on a lipid cerebroside sulphate included in the complex, the preparation is expected to have anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic prpoperties. Research shows high hemolytic activity of the preparation. We also have developed a number of new preparations: extracts from buds; hydrolysate of cereals for new kinds of medicated products; a preparation for efficient delivery and assimilation of calcium in the organism; an extract of grape pomace enriched with flavonoids. In the Section of Bioactive Systems under the supervision of Svetlana Muhtarova the best medicated products, awarded many times with gold and silver medals at National competitions of perfumery and cosmetics, are created.


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